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beCHARGE offers his customers a simple, fast and the most comprehensive experience on the market for purchasing prepaid cards and gifts on the Internet in the field of music & movies, games & apps, fashion or telephony. Over the past ten years, we have gained the trust of more than a million buyers who remain loyal to our platform.
Our latest developments, computer or mobile, guarantee an overview of our products and a selection from the bestsellers of the moment, also strengthening our brand with our partners.

beCHARGE has always, since the launch of his websites, invested in the security of the platform. Hence, we became the privileged partner of the European police forces. beCHARGE has developed, internally, its own solution for detecting and fighting fraud and offers a smooth experience, not only towards his customers but also to its payment providers.

Inhouse development
All services offered by beCHARGE are developed inhouse. Necessary changes to improve and ensure an optimal customer experience can therefore be implemented much faster than on other platforms. Marketing, communication and helpdesk services are also integrated to best meet customer expectations in compliance with GDPR standards.

Our helpdesk has more than 13 years of experience and is inhouse. Accessible during office hours, this ensures us of a direct link between problems and solutions. If we detect technical problems, our team intervenes immediately, so there is no gap between the helpdesk and the customer experience.

Easy & fast purchase flow
The products we offer are all original products, directly from brands and always reflect current promotions from providers and operators.
Where most suppliers have a multitude of different products and services to offer their customers, beCHARGE focuses only on prepaid and gift solutions. This makes the shopping experience for our customers much easier and faster, thanks to user-friendly and intuitive navigation.
What is the PWA? A Progressive Web App that is built like a website but acts like an application. Once installed, an icon with the beCHARGE logo will appear on your home screen. All you have to do is click and enjoy our many products.